My Coloring Book Updates

Check the update log below to make sure you have the latest version. If not download it for free!

Not sure which version you have?  Click the [about] button in My Coloring Book.

The download includes all files needed for setting up My Coloring Book, including samples.  If you are upgrading you will normally only need to replace the "mcb.swf" file (unless otherwise noted).

Add-ons: For the latest version check the Add-on Updates.

version 1.6, 10 December 2010 - White-label version

The new version of My Coloring Book now allows for a "white-label" license.  This option is perfect for resellers who may not want their clients knowing the origin of the product.  Please contact us for pricing.

version 1.5, 22 September 2010 - Major Update!!!

This is a major advancement for My Coloring Book...

  • NEW Save button allows the colored image to be saved in a variety of sizes.
  • NEW Undo and Redo buttons.
  • NEW Sound Effects plus a Volume control to adjust the volume.
  • ENHANCED Printing, with choice of Full-page, Half-page, or Quarter-page.
  • IMPROVED performance of magic brush (as well as regular brush).
  • NEW URL setting to allow for alternate config directories.  Great for multi-language sites.
  • NEW config file settings for initial tool, and initial brush-size.
  • FIXED problem with scroll-bars.

version 1.4.1, 17 September 2010

Better image smoothing!  Although this is just a minor update, it makes a BIG difference to how images look when scaled down.  By making your images large and then using zoomBase (in the config) to scale them down you can get really crisp looking coloring pages.

version 1.4, 6 September 2010

LOTS of cool changes in this release.  With a few new buttons to deal with we had to rethink the interface, so it looks a little different, but works a whole lot better!

  • New book feature allows you to group coloring pages into books.  Read My Coloring Book: Create Coloring Books.
  • New settings allow you to hide buttons, and set their tool-tips.
  • There are new buttons for navigating books (Previous / Next).
  • You can now print the coloring page.
  • There is an optional close button for when you've opened the coloring book in its own window.
  • We've moved the buttons down to the bottom of the screen, and made them bigger to make it clearer what they are for.  If you prefer small buttons you can set these with a configuration settting.

Check out details of all the new settings in My Coloring Book: General Configuration.

version 1.3, 29 July 2010

Added zoomBase setting in config.xml.  Allows you to set a base level zoom, including zoom-to-fit.  This is really helpful in letting you create larger pages (for better quality) that can then be displayed in a smaller space, but still look good when zoomed.