version 2.3, 5 December 2011 - Full-screen, custom icons, bug-fixes

The latest version of My Coloring Book includes a new full-screen mode, the option to use your own icons, plus a number of minor tweaks, and some bug fixes for Mac users.

Full-screen Mode

The new Full-screen button allows users to view the coloring book in full screen. Naturally it is configurable, so if you just want to keep the coloring book inside your content you can.

Use your own icons

You can now use external images for button icons.  We still recommend using the embedded icons where possible, as this minimises load-time, but if you want to use your own custom icons you can.  This is especially useful if you want to create your own add-ons.

To use your own icons you specify them in the General Configuration.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

  • Improved sizing of text to allow a greater range of sizes.
  • Better handling of showing / hiding controls to make it look cleaner at startup.
  • Fixed a problem with giving a false warning when saving on Macs.
  • Made the color selector compatible with Mac browsers (without scrollbars appearing).


A number of the changes require new config options.  See the updated General Configuration article for details.

The main changes are new settings for full-screen...

<button id="fullscr" visible="true" tip="Toggle Full Screen"/>

<label id="dlgNoTextFullscreen" caption="Text disabled in Full-screen"/>
<label id="promptNoTextFullscreen" caption="The Text tool cannot be used in Full-screen mode. To add text switch back to the normal view."/>

Using Full-screen mode

If you want to make use of full-screen mode you will also need to tell Flash that full-screen is allowed (by default it is NOT).  If you are just embedding mcb.html in an iframe it is easy, because mcb.html has been updated to have this setting on.

If you are embedding, you should read the added information in Putting My Coloring Book on your site.