version 2.4, 3 February 2012 - Allow PNG for Save / Custom

The latest version of My Coloring Book adds the ability to save image in 24-bit PNG, and to also use 24-bit PNG for custom add-ons. 

There is also a new setting for JPEG compression, improvements to dialogs, as well as other improvements and bug-fixes.

IMPORTANT: Because there are now 2 different file-types that can be used for saving, the labels which were previously called "dlgSaveNotJPEG" and "promptSaveNotJPEG" are now called "dlgSaveWrongType" and "promptSaveWrongType" (respectively).

Save Image Type

Images can be saved (using the Save button) as JPEG (as before) or as PNG. There are new attributes in the settings node of the config, called saveImgType and saveImgQual.

For JPEG set...

  • saveImgType="jpeg"  (this is the default)
  • saveImgQual="N" (N jpeg quality, 0..100. Default = 80)

For PNG set...

  • saveImgType="png"

Add-ons Image Type

The image type for custom add-ons is set independently of the main settings.  The image which is saved or posted can be JPEG (as before) or PNG.

There are new attributes in the button definition, called imgType and imgQual.

For JPEG set...

  • imgType="jpeg"  (this is the default)
  • imgQual="N" (N jpeg quality, 0..100. Default = 80)

For PNG set...

  • imgType="png"

There is also a new post variable (imgType) passed containing the mime-type of the image - either "image/jpeg" or "image/png".

Wrong Type Message

As noted above the messages used when saving with the wrong (or missing) extension have changed.

Improved Dialogs

Dialogs such as Save and Print, now automatically expand to fit their text.  This is important if you have customised these messages to something longer that the original values.

Better Sample Script for Add-ons

The "samplecustom.php" script has been improved to provide clearer information on the data passed. This is useful for developing and testing your own add-ons.

saveimage.php now handles PNG (and JPEG)

"saveimage.php" has been updated to handle PNG (as well as JPEG). If you are using "saveimage.php" with your own add-ons and want to use PNG you should make sure to get the latest verson.

Better error handling + Debug detail

Improvements have been made to error handling for add-ons.  You can get a detailed server response, which may assist in debugging, by adding the following to the settings in the config.xml...


Bug Fixes

Flash sometimes hangs when saving, printing, etc from full-screen mode. In the new version the program is put into normal screen mode when the Save, Print or custom button functions are selected.


A number of the changes require new config options.  See the updated General Configuration article for details.

Even if you are not using the new PNG feature, you must update your config to make sure it uses the correct messages...

  • Change dlgSaveNotJPEG to dlgSaveWrongType.
  • Change promptSaveNotJPEG to promptSaveWrongType.

There are also new labels that apply to the progress bar for the Print and Save dialogs...

<label id="progSave" caption="SAVING"/>
<label id="progPrint" caption="PRINTING"/>