Alternate config files

Sometimes it is useful to have different configurations of My Coloring Book

One key example is if you have a multi-language site.

Because all the labels and text used in My Coloring Book is taken from the config file you can change these to the language appropriate to the site.  When you have a site that accomodates multiple languages you need to have a separate config file for each.

Tell My Coloring Book which config to use

By default My Coloring Book gets it's configuration from config/config.xml

You change this by including a URL parameter of cfg and the name of the file (or directory) you want to use.

For example you could create a config-es.xml file for the Spanish version.  Then your url would look something like...

Creating the config dynamically

Because you can specify any file, you can also generate the config file dynamically.

For example...

The Licence file

You can also tell My Coloring Book where to get it's licence file using the lic parameter.  By default it looks in config/licence.xml

As with the config file you could pass the name of a script.