My Coloring Book: Color Palette

The configuration file for My Coloring Book is mcb/config/config.xml.  It contains general settings, and a definition of the list of colors for the color palette.

Colors are in RGB hex notation

The list of colors are values in RGB hex notation.  There are also some comments to help clarify what the colors are.

RGB hex notation consists of a zero-ex followed by the red, green and blue values, like this...


You are probably familiar with these colors already, and see them listed this way in products like Photoshop (without the 0x), or in CSS files (with a # instead of the 0x).


<!-- yellow --><color>0xffff00</color>

Special Colors

There are three special color values which you can use...

random = Random color.  When selected this color changes each time you use it.

selector = Color selector.  Displays a color selector in the palette, allowing additional colors to be selected from a Photoshop-like color selector.

picker = Color picker.  Displays a color picker in the palette, allowing additional colors to be selected from an extended palette.

"selector" allows you to choose from a much broader range of colors than picker.  It is recommended that you only use one or the other.



Default Color

You can specify which color is initially selected by setting an attribute, default="true".  E.g. ...

<color default="true">0xff0000</color>

See also

For other config file settings see My Coloring Book: General Configuration.