Add Coloring Pages

If you want to purchase some of our premade, optimised coloring pages, check out the coloring page image library.

The Basics

Once you have created or purchased some coloring pages you will want to make them accessible.  How you do this will depend a lot on how your site is set up, and whether you want to have each new page generate a page refresh (important if you are running ads like AdSense).

Step 1: Upload coloring pages:

Put the coloring pages (normally GIF files) into the mcb/page subdirectory.

Step 2: Create links

Whatever way you choose to do it, you need to create some sort of link to mcb.html and tell it which page you want by adding #p=<filename>.

Embedding Coloring Pages

The recommended way for embedding coloring pages is with an iframe.  For example...

<iframe src="/mcb/mcb.html#p=monkey.gif" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="100%" height="560"></iframe>';

There are many different ways you can choose to manage your links.  For example you may want to add links below the iframe to go to the next and previous coloring pages.

You might want to create a PHP script where you define your coloring pages in an array and then use that array to provide a list of pages to choose from, and to provide "next" and "previous" links when a coloring page is displayed.

You can also use scripting to change the src value of the iframe.  One advantage of doing this is that if you just change the "#p=..." part, then the Flash object stays in memory and simply loads the new coloring page.

For more information, read the Putting My Coloring Book on Your Site article.

Grouping Coloring Pages into Coloring Books

You can also let My Coloring Book manage your coloring pages as a coloring book, with navigation between pages, and the option to add text captions to each page.  For more details see Using Coloring Books.

More options

As well as using iframes you can also directly embed the SWF file into a page, this is covered in more detail in the Putting My Coloring Book on Your Site article.

There are also additional URL parameters for My Coloring Book, that can be used for advanced set-ups.