Coloring Page Sound-tracks

You can spice up your coloring pages by using sound-tracks. You can have a sound-track that plays one or more times after a coloring page loads, and you can have another that plays before going to a new page.

The sound-tracks can be used for many things such as...

  • Background music.
  • Narration.
  • Instructions.
  • Sound effects.

For example, on a coloring page of a monkey you could do one of the followng...

  • Play some "jungle rhythms" music.
  • Have a narrator saying "Suddenly a monkey swung down from the tree".
  • Have an audio instruction, "Color in the monkey. What color should his banana be?"
  • Play an audio of a monkey chattering.

Adding Sound-tracks

Sound tracks should be in MP3 format, and are placed in the "pages" folder along wiith the coloring page images.

To tell the program which track to play include a track attribute on the appropriate page node in your coloring book XML file.  You can also include a repeat attribute to tell it how many times to play.

If you want audio to play before going to a new page, include a trackout attribute.

Here is an example...

<page source="monkey.gif" track="monkeynoise.mp3" repeat="3" trackout="byebye.mp3"/>

If you don't specify any track, then the program plays the default page-swish sound for a new page.  If you want no sound at all you can specify track="none".