My Coloring Book Features


Please see the new HTML5 coloring book at


My Coloring Book has been retired as it was reliant on Flash which is no longer supported by major browsers.

coloring page Add Your Own Coloring Pages

With My Coloring Book it is easy to add your own coloring pages.  Add coloring pages of your products, company mascot, or relating to the message of your website.

configuration Highly Configurable

My Coloring Book has many configurable settings.  You can customise the colors to match your site, add and remove features, set defaults, and change any text, enabling you to truly make it your own.  You can also localise the coloring book into other languages.

paint brushes Flood-Fill, Freehand Brush and Magic Brush

As well as having the flood-fill (paint bucket) found in simpler coloring books, My Coloring Book also includes a freehand brush and a special "magic" brush which stays inside the lines.  You set the size of the brushes, and then use them to create details, like spots or stripes, and shading.

text tool Add Text

With the Text tool kids can type messages onto their coloring page.  This is a great way to turn your coloring page into a fun and unique greeting card.  Text can be different colors and size, and use different fonts.

colors Endless Color

The color palette in My Coloring Book includes 62 preset colors (which you can change), plus a cool "random" color that changes with each click, and a smart color picker which allows kids to choose from millions of colors.

undo redo Undo and Redo

Everyone makes mistakes, so My Coloring Book features an Undo and Redo feature.  By default you can go back (and forward) 5 steps.  And like most things in My Coloring Book it's configurable.

sounds Sound Effects / Volume Control

The sound effects in My Coloring Book are fun, but not everyone likes sound-effects, so the volume control allows you to turn them down.

zoom Zoom

Zoom in to work on finer details, and zoom out to seem the whole picture.  My Coloring Book can automatically scale your picture to fit too, so it looks great regardless of the user's screen size.

save and print Save and Print

Kids are always proud of their completed artwork, and want to share it with other.  My Coloring Book lets them save their picture as a JPEG, or print it out. 

As well as printing to the full page, he print option has a smart positioning feature so that pictures printed at half or quarter page can be folded into a unique personalised greeting card.

facebook gallery Facebook and Gallery

My Coloring Book has a custom add-on feature that allows you to create scripts to make use of the colored page.  You can create your own scripts, or use our free add-ons like the Post to Facebook, and Post to Gallery scripts.

captions Coloring Page Captions

You can have a caption appear at the bottom of each coloring page in My Coloring Book.  The caption can include basic formatting (like bolding, font, color, size), and also hyperlinks allowing you to relate a coloring page to other content on your site (or anywhere on the web).

overlays Overlays

The overlay feature of My Coloring Book allows you to really enhance the appearance of coloring pages.  Overlays can be used to add a logo or other text and graphics to a page, as well as preshading and pretinting areas.