My Coloring Book Updates

Check the update log below to make sure you have the latest version. If not download it for free!

Not sure which version you have?  Click the [about] button in My Coloring Book.

The download includes all files needed for setting up My Coloring Book, including samples.  If you are upgrading you will normally only need to replace the "mcb.swf" file (unless otherwise noted).

Add-ons: For the latest version check the Add-on Updates.

version 2.5, 15 May 2012 - Greater Flexibility + Joomla!

To simplify using My Coloring Book on Joomla sites, we've created a new Joomla component

This required more flexibility in where My Coloring Book stored coloring pages, and how it got configuration settings, and its licence.

With the new version, you can give the coloring book a folder name, a file name, OR a URL to use for the configuration and the licence. This means you can dynamically create the config, for example.

A new parameter in the config file also tells My Coloring Book where to look for its coloring pages.

There is are also extra settings to control the transparency of parts of the interface.

Note: As of July 2014, the Joomla component is no longer supported.

version 2.4, 3 February 2012 - Allow PNG for Save / Custom

The latest version of My Coloring Book adds the ability to save image in 24-bit PNG, and to also use 24-bit PNG for custom add-ons. 

There is also a new setting for JPEG compression, improvements to dialogs, as well as other improvements and bug-fixes.

IMPORTANT: Because there are now 2 different file-types that can be used for saving, the labels which were previously called "dlgSaveNotJPEG" and "promptSaveNotJPEG" are now called "dlgSaveWrongType" and "promptSaveWrongType" (respectively).

Read more: version 2.4, 3 February 2012 - Allow PNG for Save / Custom