My Coloring Book Extras

These extras will help you get the most out of My Coloring Book.

Custom Add-ons

You can create add-ons to do almost anything with the colored in page from My Coloring Book.

We've already created some add-ons for you to use and change as needed...

Coloring Page Library

It's easy to create your own coloring pages, but if you don't have the time or inclination, we have a great collection of premade coloring pages, that are ready-to-go for My Coloring Book.  More coloring pages are added regularly, so be sure to check back often.

My Coloring Book Editor

MCBEdit is a FREE editor designed specifically for creating coloring pages for My Coloring Book.

Animated GIFs for your website

We've created a selection of animated GIFs showing My Coloring Book in action.  These dynamic images are colorful and eye-catching - a great way to promote your coloring book.  You can use them for FREE in conjunction with My Coloring Book.

If you want to create your own animated GIFs, check out ....


Check out these tutorials...

Sample Help

If you'd like to prrovide some basic instructions for users, you can make use of our sample help file. It contains simple usage instructions, and some basic graphics.  You are welcome to use it, cut and paste from it, or adapt it in whatever way suits your site...

Script Samples

We will try to add some sample PHP scripts that may be useful in conjunction with My Coloring Book...