My Coloring Book Configuration

No Configuration Required!

My Coloring Book can be used as-is without any changes to the configuration.

Unless you want to!

But for those who want to tweak the settings, change the language, etc, there are lots of options, which are clearly documented and easy to change.  See the following articles for details...

Add Coloring Pages and Coloring Books

The one thing you will have to do is to add new coloring pages and link them into your site.

You can go a step further and combine your coloring pages together into books.

Choose from one of the following articles for more details...

Post to Facebook, Post to Gallery, ...

My coloring book supports the use of add-on scripts to allow your users to do creative things with their colored in pictures.  You can add special buttons to the coloring book that will send the coloring page to a specified script on the server.

Use these special buttons to run a coloring contest, post to facebook, or create an online gallery.

For more information see the My Coloring Book Add-ons article.

Different Language or Languages?

My Coloring Book defaults to English, but all of the labels and other text are stored in the config file, making it easy for you to make minor tweaks, or to completely change the language.

You can find details on all the labels etc in the General Configuration article.

If your site supports multiple languages you can also cater for this by using alternate configuration files.

At this time we do not provide any translations, but if you do one for your language and would like to share it with others, please email it to us and we will make it available.

Using "My Coloring Book" on Your Site

There are multiple different ways to embed or use the coloring book on your website, see the Put My Coloring Book on Your Site article for more details.