My Coloring Book Editor

My Coloring Book Editor is a FREE Windows program designed to make it easier to create pages for My Coloring Book.

It's job is to make sure your coloring pages are black-and-white-only GIFs.  It also includes importing, pixel-level-editing, and a test function.

Download and Install

  1. Download My Coloring Book Editor (MCBEdit) for free (
  2. Unzip the files to a directory on your hard drive.
  3. The executable is called MCBEdit.exe - You run this to create and edit coloring pages.

Using MCBEdit

To start the program run MCBEdit.exe.

Starting from Scratch

You can draw your coloring page directly in MCBEdit if you like (though I recommend using a real drawing program and then importing).

To start from scratch, go File > New, and set the desired width and height of your picture.  Now use the pencil and eraser to create your picture.


If you have an existing image such as a jpeg, gif, bmp, png, ... you can convert it into a coloring page.  Before importing resize the image to the size you want the final page to be.

You can import an existing picture into MCBEdit, by selecting File > Import graphic file..., and choose the file to import.

If the file is not pure black and white then the Image Conversion dialog will show.  Adjust the threshold until you get a good result and press [OK].


You can paste an image from the clipboard into MCBEdit.  You must have a file open first, but the page will resize to the pasted image.

Drawing and Erasing

You draw with the pencil and erase with the eraser. Each has it's own adjustable width. For fine detail zoom in.

Test Fill

It's important to test your pictures before putting them up.  Click on a color in the color palette and then click the different areas of your picture.  Make sure the paint doesn't leak into surrounding areas, and that there are not small white areas that are hard to color.

When you save the colors will be automatically removed, or you can click the faucet (tap) icon to remove them.


Once you are done drawing your picture you might want to add a border.  Click the border button and select the border pattern you want.


Fixing up little gaps is much easier when zoomed in.  Click the [+] button to zoom in (x2, x4, x8) and the [-] button to zoom out.