Add-on Updates

Changes to Custom Add-ons are listed below.  To check your version, look at the "_READ_ME_.txt" file. 

(If your version does not include the "_READ_ME_.txt", it is a very early version, and you should probably update)

Post to Facebook Add-on

1.2 22 Sept 2011 Updated to use latest Facebook SDK. Code tidy-up. Animated progress on preload.
1.1 26 Apr 2011 Updated to use standard directory structure.
1.0 Apr 2011 Initial version.

Gallery Add-on

1.1 22 Sept 2011 Code tidy-up. Animated progress on preload.
1.0 1 May 2011 Initial version.

Coloring Contest Add-on

1.1 25 Jan 2012 New version. Much better control over moving entries. Option to download all details as CSV.
1.0 22 Sept 2011 Initial version.