My Coloring Book Add-ons

My Coloring Book can be configured to have additional buttons which send the colored in picture to a custom script.

This can be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to...

  • Posting pictures to Facebook (or other sites).
  • Posting pictures to an on-line gallery.
  • Running a coloring contest (competition).
  • Providing a way for people to email their coloring pages.
  • Using the colored in page with other products, such as greeting cards, etc.

Configure Custom Buttons

The first step is to tell the coloring book how you want your custom button(s) to appear, and what you want them to do.

Read the Custom Buttons article for details.

Sample Add-ons

An add-on is a server-side script which does something with the coloring page.

We have provided some sample add-ons that you can use and modify for your own use...

Disclaimer: All add-ons are provided as samples only, and will require some customisation to suit your site structure.  As such we can only provide basic support with regard to these add-ons.  We cannot problem-solve your website for you.

Write your own Add-on

You can write an add-on from scratch.  See the Writing an Add-On article for details.

Updates to Add-ons

To be sure you have the latest version check the Add-on Updates.